MacGyver Off-Grid Solar Media Centre!

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MacGyver Off-Grid Solar Media Centre!

Post by WTF on Sat Jan 31, 2015 3:29 pm

Brand New System - Camper / Caravan Upgrade, or even Home Installation!

Custom Built Solar Charger 12v in / out with high end Capacitor Technology and Pure sine wave 240v inverter,

This small yet powerful quick charge (*30 seconds) high amp 12v output unit can even start your car!  - videos of this are available on request

100w Solar Panel, 25 year + life span,

19" TV/DVD/HDMI 12v 26 watts max demand

Dual Core / Quad Core - Nano PC 5v with WIFI / Ethernet / SATA / DDR3 memory - 5 watts max demand!

Digital 2x10w nano amplifier 20 watts max

This whole system is a evolution in high efficiency, low power consumption nano technology and is a great upgrade to your caravan or camper - or add a 12v lead acid battery and put it in your house!

Just Your laptop alone (without an amplifier) will use between 65 and 120 watts.

This system will use 31 watts maximum without the use of the amplifier, so even on a cloudy day you can stay connected on something with a much larger screen than a tablet or smart phone, and still watch films / DVDs, TV or listen to Music comfortably with family and friends, with the excess solar power being diverted to your battery.

This system comes complete with all required cables and instructions and is an excellent upgrade to ease the load on your current battery.

Kits available from 600 euros.

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