World Land Speed Record - Powered by Wood??

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World Land Speed Record - Powered by Wood??

Post by WTF on Sat Jan 31, 2015 12:06 am

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interesting point about the diesel price hike, think it was luck on the government that diesel use became as big as it did and thy took advantage and still do, just hope the use of lpg doesn't end up at same scale as other fuels, 59.9 at mo near where I live so cant complain.
I do think if you have access to enough room and poop to build yourself a methane producer it would be a good idea, wish I had the room, time and effort to give it a go, obviously the powers that be arnt interested in producing us mortals cheep fuel

Luck can be made with foresight and a couple of million quid on the right kind of publicity to suit your agenda. I had everything they required to help the public reduce emissions, drastically increase engine lifespan, and increase MPG... And that goes all the way down to your gas / oil boiler for your home. But funnily enough - the government were not interested. And I didn't have a couple of million to shift public opinion. But I did have development costs that needed tending to...So my business went down the tubes, as I am sure they hoped it would.

We pay the highest tax rate and duty on fuel - and spend the most time in traffic jams.

The TAX + Duty is equal to over 150% of the actual cost price - while the Oil companies make pennies on the litre.

Sounds like a good formula for $$$$$

But anyway... If you live near a forest, you could always build a gasifier. You would lose a hell of a lot of boot space mind - but a low rev V8 can make a lot of use from a lean fuel like syngas, compared to a smaller higher revving engine, that will lose more power due to inefficient combustion of the gas - pumping more of the gas out into the exhaust pipe at a quicker rate, instead of converting the calories into motion.

Also :

You might find this interesting.

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